General description:

The aim of these workouts is to make you feel, look and perform better. Their perfectlybalanced design will keep you safe and away from injuries.
All of them last 4 weeks and progress week by week.
Choose the program that best suits your training experience, goals and availability.

Imagen representativa del primer plan de entrenamiento

6 days

Push, pull, leg split. This is a body building type of program that will push you to your limits.


Imagen representativa del segundo plan de entrenamiento

Full body
3 days

Want to optimize the calorie burn and don’t have much free time? This super efficientworkout will get the job done.


Imagen representativa del tercer plan de entrenamiento

Lower/Upper split
4 days

Accumulating research suggests that training muscle groups more than once a week isimportant for maximizing gains in muscle mass. If you are trying to get bigger and moreaesthetic this is the plan for you.


Imagen representativa del cuarto plan de entrenamiento

Bodyweight at home
3 days

Super fun full body workouts. No equipment needed. Ideal for people who don’t want to go toa packed gym and train just with what they have at home.


Imagen representativa del quinto plan de entrenamiento

Sweaty cardio workout
3 days

Are you looking to lose weight? Grab a towel, a bottle of water and enjoy this spicy workout.


Imagen representativa del entrenamiento online personalizado

Personalized training
One by one

Wherever you are, online coaching aims to bring tailored training programmes directly to you. Giving you the freedom and flexibility to train when it suits you while getting all the benefits of having a personal trainer for guidance and motivation every step of the way.